The Medical Cluster “Health Romania” provides for the Romanian and abroad patients integrated and personalized medical services as consultations, diagnostic, billing, insurance arrangements, travel and accommodation, translation services, travel services offered  to the companions:

Specific medical services:

• Medical case assessment, analysis of the medical documents, clinical consultation
• Preparing medical records – medical history, current state description, recommendations
• Selection of the medical provider based on the performance criteria
• Providing medical solutions – recommending 3 medical facilities (private or public) and physicians with expertise to solve the case
• Establishing the contact with the medical institutions and the doctors with expertise in the specific area
• Facilitating the fast access to the medical centre and to the doctor – scheduling consultations and intervention.
• Providing assistance for an optimal treatment decision and determining subsequent steps required for accessing medical institutions
• Sending medical records, preparing and managing the formalities • Assistance for international health insurance
• Providing personalized costs plan
• Providing assistance regarding hospital admissions and the relationship with the physicians
• Follow up
• Maintaining permanent contact with your doctor and managing the relationship between physician – patient – healthcare provider

Travel and touristic services:

• Touristic programme (optional trips to the main touristic objectives, cultural events participantion etc.)
• Touristic assistance
• Travel guide
• Accommodation arrangements
• Arrangements for airport transfers
• Local transfers
• Visa support
• Providing translations
• Companions touristic programme during the pacient investigation and treatment