01-gynecolandGynecoland Medical Center – Clinic “ST. LUCIA” is a private hospital whose peculiarity consists in his ultra specialization in gynecologic surgery and pathological breast surgery. Located in the heart of Bucharest, near House of Parliament, it offers a warm, intimate, elegant ambiance for its patients.
The professionalism and enthusiasm of the medical team complete patient’s satisfaction, a fact proved also by the fast postoperative recovery.
The medical centre offers a large variety of surgical intervention due to the medical competence of the team (vaginal surgery, breast surgery, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, gynecological oncology). The medical team of Gynecoland Centre can achieve the most difficult operation in the genital and breast cancer (uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts rupture of the perineum urinary incontinence, breast tumors, etc.).

The private hospital provides gynecological, obstetric and senology consulting procedures with the necessary equipment to offer a complete diagnosis of diseases in this specialty.
Clinical and paraclinical tracking task is performed by obstetricians with experience. Genital and breast periodic control is an important factor to prevent serious diseases.
Our own laboratory allow specific genital investigations (microbiological examination of vaginal secretion and sensitivity / antifungigrama for positive cultures, PAPTEST, semen analysis, hormone analysis) and hematology and biochemistry blood and urine analytics. Laboratory analysis certificates meet international quality standards.



• Address: Gramont Street no 7(Regina Maria Square), District 4, ROMANIA
• Phone: 031 005 13 18
• Mobil: 0741 GYNECO (496326)
• Email: