sigla-cardionetCardionet Surgery SRL is a company founded in 2012 in Satu-Mare, Romania. It is a company specialized in cardiovascular surgery. Its founder, Dr. Zoltan Galajda is originally from Romania, a cardiovascular surgeon with over twenty years experience in business and cardiac surgery. Together with members of the cardiovascular surgical team he has proposed aid in cardiovascular health care in Romania. The company provides to the patient medical or surgical treatment, regardless his nationality, religion or political affiliation, the company having also a profound humanitarian character.

Ambulatory activity is currently underway in Satu-Mare and Arad, and for cases that require special diagnostic techniques there is a point of consultations in Debrecen, Hungary. Before a personal consultation at one of the points mentioned, patients can access the company’s website for preliminary medical advice using the telemedicine system.
The therapeutic activity of the Cardionet team consists in difficult surgery and high risk interventions, carried out using the equipment and instruments of the company in one in one of the centers of cardiovascular surgery from Debrecen, Satu-Mare and Arad. In addition to safety and transparency of the surgical interventions, the comfort of the patient and also of the attendance are the main goals of the Cardionet team.



• Address: Tudor Vladimirescu Street, no. 9, Satu Mare, ROMANIA
• Phone: +40-752.043.338